CIVITAS e-course: public involvement

By News Editor / Updated: 13 Jul 2017

When considering the quality of urban mobility decisions, most CIVITAS cities involve a wide range of stakeholders when developing measures.

Through consultations, local communities are empowered and get a sense of ownership of results. At the same time, the level of interaction between decision-makers and the target of their decisions is substantially increased, thus enhancing measure completeness, giving stakeholders a better understanding of the planned mobility measures and reducing later opposition to urban mobility.

Involving the public has added value, but where to start? This e-course, part of the CIVITAS Initiative's extensive catalogue of online learning, explains what public involvement is and why cities should involve the public and stakeholders. Step by step, it shows an approach for public participation, including evaluation.

After completing this e-course, city representatives will be able to design their own participation process.

The CIVITAS e-courses are individual courses that can be followed online, anyplace, anytime. Each e-course is concluded with an online test.

CIVITAS Learning Centre certificates are given to participants who have successfully passed the course. An e-course takes approximately 1-2 hours.

To access the CIVITAS e-learning course on public involvement, visit the CIVITAS Learning Centre.



14 Apr 2016
Public and stakeholder involvement