Change mangement

By News Editor / Updated: 16 Mar 2015

The topic of change management deals with anticipating changes in values, needs, leadership and programs, but it also offers tools to control changes to one's benefit.

The underlying training material gives an insight in drivers and triggers for change in public services and agencies in general and in the field of transport and energy in particular with the view to combat environmental threats and crises. Public services and parent agencies are perceived as a system in need for an ever-evolving process of change. Energy and transport managers are to become managers of change in order to perform effectively. The individual agent must accordingly have sound knowledge and skills to act as a manager of change. Therefore he or she should gain insight in the drivers that drive change and master the triggers for change. The method of the quick scan for change is an initiation in assessing readiness for change in a specific environment.
Two reference cases of management of change are presented one in a Western-European public administration environment (Flanders, Belgium) and one in a potential EU Member setting (United Nations Administered Kosovo, the region in South East -Europe).
This training manual has been prepared to help you understand what “Awareness raising and communication Campaigns” are all about. It gives you an overview of the reasons why Awareness raising and communication Campaigns should be launched and organised in your territory. Specific information is provided on:

  • Target group dedicated communication
  • Eco-driving
  • Topic related communication

Thanks to the training manual, you will be able not only to help local authorities and other relevant actors in launching and organising their own “Awareness raising and communication Campaigns” but also carry them out on your own. The training manual contains recommendations and good practices/case studies for your benefit.

Change management
Change management - PPT
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