Achieving Political and Internal Buy-In - PROSPERITY training material

By Robert Pressl / Updated: 13 Aug 2019

The most fundamental impediment to start a SUMP transformation in many cities is often not the lack of solutions, planning skills or resources but rather a missing culture for innovation and transformational governance, and a low degree of political momentum to foster such a culture. There is a strong need to identify ways to inspire cities to take action at the political level. And moreover, to commit to sustainable urban mobility goals.

As SUMP is about a long-term vision on the livability of cities, a broad and stable long-term commitment is a prerequisite. Politicians and all local actors / stakeholders should be pulling in the same direction; formulate a strong vision, adopt effective strategies, overcome barriers for action, and make significant progress in the development and implementation of the SUMP.



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Achieving Political and Internal Buy-In
13 Aug 2019
Urban mobility planning