Webinar on Dynamic Visualisations for Analysing Road & Traffic Accident Data

By Pashx / Updated: 28 Aug 2020

This webinar has been shared by PoliVisu and is available to view on-demand to demonstrate how modern data analysis often requires special techniques for handling complex data structures.

Interactive graphs can provide insights into multivariate datasets by communicating the key aspects in a more intuitive way than isolated bar charts or static maps. This webinar recording presents the WebGLayer tool as an enabler of dynamic visualisations that make spatio-temporal patterns, relationships, and trends in the underlying data more apparent. Using case studies from Pilsen (CZ) and Flanders (BE), the speakers describe how policymakers can use WebGLayer to address local problems such as traffic congestion and road accidents.

The PoliVisu project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme to provide a place for sharing and gathering expertise in data-supported policymaking.

August 2020