Venturi Certifier - Traffic Signal Optimiser - up to 10% more green time in Traffic Light Programs

By gregorysmith / Updated: 29 Jan 2020
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The free-to-use Venturi Certifier is a tool that has been designed for use by traffic planning engineers; those who programme traffic signal programs for traffic lights at road junctions.

A major challenge for traffic planning engineers is that there are numerous possible combinations to work with. The Venturi Certifier tool has already been successfully used to check the validity, and enhance maximum capacity of traffic control programmes on several junctions in Hungary, Debrecen. Traffic planning engineers in Debrecen have utilised the tool to find extra capacity for small, and overloaded junctions in the region. Additionally, it has been used in Budapest to address the difficulties in programming a number of very large junctions with more than 30 lanes.

The Venturi Certifier tool has been designed for use once the signal programme has been prepared and before the programming is documented and made live. By looping through the lanes, and using a specifically designed inter green safety matrix, the tool tries to identify safety issues and also possible longer green phases. Thus, in most cases this tool can win up to 10% green time for junctions, increasing capacity and crucially, also enhancing safety.

The tool is available for use completely free, and a detailed tutorial is also provided for users. Users are required to register to use the tool – although this is a measure to ensure security rather than restrict usage. After optimising the programme, users are requested to check the safety matrix validity again using their preferred method (by hand or by software). There are plans in the near future to provide a bulletproof method to check the validity of signal programme safety.

This tool can help to achieve 3-10% more ‘green-light’ which aids traffic flows, helps to reduce congestion on problematic sections of the road and assists programming at overloaded junctions. As an example: consider a junction with 4 car lanes, and 2 pedestrian crossings with a 60-second phase length TLP. When an engineer completes planning it has 260 seconds of green time in one phase. With this tool it can be 286 seconds, therefore improving the capacity of the junction.

Inputs to the tool are:

  • A completed traffic light program, and;
  • Inter green safety matrix.

The output from the tool is an optimised traffic light program.

If potential users have any questions or feedback related to the tool please contact the designers at:

Step-by-Step Tutorial
January 2020