Urban Transport Roadmaps scenario-building tool

By Guy Hitchcock / Updated: 10 Oct 2017

The Urban Transport Roadmaps tool is an online policy support tool that is aimed at the large number of small and medium-sized cities in Europe who may not have the resource for major policy assessment and modelling work.

Using this tool cities can explore and identify appropriate sustainable transport policy measures; quantify the transport, environmental and economic impacts of these measures; consider an implementation pathway (roadmap) for the policy scenario. The tool can be accessed from the project website.

Related SUMP theme

Assessment of current and future performance: the tool supports city to establish a baseline and assess the impact of proposed measures and policies. Both planning authorities with and without transportation models could benefit from this tool in the SUMP development process.

“Assessment of current and future performance” is described as (EC, COM (2013) 913 final) “The development of a sustainable urban mobility should build on a careful assessment of the present and future performance of the urban transport system.” Of particular relevance is “(3) Status analysis and baseline: A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan should provide a comprehensive review of the current situation and the establishment of a baseline, through an 'urban mobility performance audit'', against which future progress can be measured. This analysis should include a review of the institutional set-up, planning process and delivery mechanisms. It should also include an Impact Assessment on the proposed measures.”

To access the tool, visit urban-transport-roadmaps.eu.

April 2016