Toolbox for Mobility Management

By dana.agrotti / Updated: 06 Oct 2021

The EU co-funded cities.multimodal project – urban transport system in transition towards low carbon mobility (2017–2021) brought together cities, NGOs, universities and other expert partners to facilitate the use of sustainable mobility solutions for residents in the Baltic Sea Region. Within the project, partner cities developed and applied contemporary sustainable urban mobility approaches, with various activities and measures being implemented to promote walking, cycling, public transport and shared mobility services as more favourable alternatives to private car use.

The project, which concluded earlier this year, resulted in the publication of three final documents, including a Planner's Guide to Sustainable Urban Mobility Management and a Toolbox for Mobility Management.

The Toolbox for Mobility Management provides knowledge on the topic of Mobility Management as an important approach to promote sustainable and multimodal travel behaviour. The publication presents easily understandable information and practical advice to those who want to introduce Mobility Management to their institutions.

The Toolbox addresses stakeholders at different levels, including kindergartens, schools, companies and urban developments, in order to motivate them to set up local projects. There is one dedicated chapter for each target group, informing about objectives, tips and numerous activity ideas, most of them developed and tested within the cities.multimodal project, to engage and facilitate readers to develop and implement relevant Mobility Management concepts.

Toolbox for Mobility Management
April 2021