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Tackling transport challenges with co-operative systems

By News Editor / Updated: 31 Jul 2015

This document is intended for traffic managers, transport planners, urban planners and decision-makers in local and regional authorities, and will raise awareness for the potential of co-operative systems to help meet local transport challenges.

The text introduces current and future co-operative systems and services and discusses the benefits of these services for tackling transport challenges. It also outlines steps for implementation, possible barriers to implementation and how to overcome them. 

This document doesn't look in-depth at technology issues, but concentrates instead on how co-operative systems can work to tackle transport challenges mainly in urban areas. 

See below to download the handbook in English, French and German. For more information, visit cvisproject.org

Photo by Justin Swan / CC BY-NC-SA

Cooperative Urban Mobility Handbook

March 2010
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