SUMP Self-Assessment Tool

By lbrunner / Updated: 02 Mar 2020

Is your mobility plan a genuine Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan? You can now find out using the free, online SUMP Self-Assessment Tool!

The SUMP Self-Assessment Tool enables planning authorities to evaluate the SUMP of their city or functional urban area. If no plan exists, it can also be used to assess and improve planning activities in general.

The Self-Assessment contains 30 to 45 questions that should take around 20 to 30 minutes to complete. The results help planning authorities understand the strengths and weaknesses of their approach. In addition to feedback how well each of the SUMP principles is fulfilled, the results page also provides fitting good practice examples and tailored advice for further improvement.
The tool is available to use for free on a non-commercial basis.

For more information and to begin your own SUMP self-assessment, visit the SUMP Self-Assessment Tool.

February 2016