SUMP guidelines for policy makers

By Kain Glensor / Updated: 16 Mar 2015

The SHAPE-IT project has developed a report focussing on local authorities’ approaches to their policy-making process, specifically in which ways and to what extent there is collaboration between decision makers, transport planners, and stakeholders.

The thorough analysis is performed on selected sustainable transport policies implemented in Munich (Germany), Krakow (Poland), Utrecht (the Netherlands), Stockholm and Lund (Sweden). The analysis is split into two essential components of sustainable urban mobility planning: the influ- ence of policy processes, and the role of policy integration.

The policy integration analysis explores the extent to which each case’s respective policy was integrated and interacted with the city’s institutional conditions, and how this contributed to the policy’s effectiveness. The policy process analysis explores what factors influence the successful development and implementation of effective sustainable transport. Of the many potential influential factors, one has been singled out for particular attention: public participation and its effect upon the acceptance and implementation of policies.

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Photo by Daniel Garcia Neto / CC BY-NC

Guidelines for Policy-Makers
November 2014