SUMP-Central Competence Centre

By s.govender@rupp... / Updated: 22 Mar 2021

SUMP-Central was created in LOW-CARB as a European competence centre for sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMP). The beta-version SUMP-Central website provides knowledge, resources and content to support the specific development of SUMPs in regions of central Europe (CE) in local central European languages!

The new online portal is planned to be a one-stop knowledge database of news, good practice, exemplary SUMPs, tools and resources for local planning authorities and urban practitioners.  The site caters to anyone looking for:

  • helpful learning materials or educational resources to teach yourself or other stakeholders about SUMP processes;
  • practical tools to evaluate SUMP processes and make them more efficient; 
  • find funding opportunities and experts in the field of sustainable urban mobility planning.

While several other online sites offer similar services to accompany SUMP development, LOW-CARB's SUMP-Central has been created with an additional level of speciality. It seeks to provide users with key materials in local central European languages that target the integrated planning issues faced specifically by central European regions. SUMP-Central therefore seeks to make it easier and simpler to find valuable resources that closely fit the contextual needs of Functional Urban Areas in CE. It consequently boasts the feature that the entire website is available in 9 CE languages (EN, IT, DE, CZ, CR, HU, SL, SK, PL) and has the option of filtering resources for country-based information, news, and good practice from partnering European projects.

It also goes a step further to offer access to expert networks within central Europe and beyond, which have the experience of establishing low carbon mobility schemes in these distinct regions that are just at the beginning of their transition. SUMP-Central does not seek to replace other platforms but to rather create a link to the existing SUMP databases by bridging the knowledge gap encountered by CE-planners.

While the conceptualization and development of SUMP-Central is attributed to LOW-CARB, it is a freestanding site and continues after the closure of the LOW-CARB project in 2020. In fact it will be further developed with the new Interreg DYNAXIBILITY4CE Project. The site is currently operational in a beta-phase, while an open call for contributors to co-create its content is in progress! Are you a Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning stakeholder? Find out how you could contribute.

Download the the SUMP-Central Open Call and don't forget to visit the SUMP-Central Competence Centre.

Open call for content co-creation for SUMP-Central
November 2020