SUMBA Commuting Master Plan Template

By michalbrennek / Updated: 20 Aug 2020

Project SUMBA has created a tool to support cities in creating a strategic approach to change commuting towards more sustainable and inter-modal patterns.

The aim of the document is to provide guidance and tips for compiling Commuting Master Plans in urban regions and to give recommendations on which aspects to include. It will also provide recommendations for possible solutions to the key challenges.

Due to administrative borders and institutional “silos”, many urban areas face challenges related to changes in travel demand that cannot be solved within a single municipality or by a single public authority. Commuting Master Plan (CMP) and planning for multi-modal and sustainable regional mobility is one way to tackle these challenges.

The Commuting Master Plan Template is meant to be a part of a complex set of tools developed by the project SUMBA.

All of these resources are available for free on the project website.

You can also contact for further information.

August 2020