Public Transport Fares Toolkit

By News Editor / Updated: 31 Oct 2016

The Public Transport Fares Toolkit is part of the public transport toolkit suite, including the Urban Bus Toolkit and the Passenger Transport ITS Toolkit.

These toolkits are part of the much more extensive library of reference and capacity building resources which have been prepared by the World Bank for policymakers and senior technical managers in urban transport.

The objective of the toolkit is to provide a basic understanding of all aspects of Fare Collection Systems for urban passenger transport related to their policies and practices. The toolkit provides a step by step guide that helps with planning, designing and implementing an enhanced fare collection system to improve the sustainability and effectiveness of the passenger transport systems.

The toolkit provides capacity development support in understanding:

  • The potential policy and operational objectives for the fare collection system
  • The fares practices and concessions that can be planned to attain those objectives
  • The operational procedures that can be followed to fulfill those practices
  • The technologies that can support the effectiveness of those procedures

To access the toolkit, visit

Image copyright: Tram ticket vending machine (image on Flickr), by "Eric Fischer", licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.