Promoting workplace sustainable mobility through labelling

By News Editor / Updated: 04 Aug 2015

There are many ways in which employers and transport managers can promote sustainable mobility. However, getting an idea of how measures can work together to create a truly sustainable mobility workplace culture is very useful. Moreover, publicising this state of affairs and raising awareness in a workplace is also important.

The MoMa.Biz project has developed a labelling tool which allows business owners and transport managers to receive a sustainable mobility rating label, similar in format to the EU energy label. To make a label, fill out the name of the company or industrial zone, and check the corresponding boxes for all the sustainable mobility practices and schemes that apply. A label will be generated which can be used to publicise how sustainable the mobility options are at a particular workplace.

To use the Mobility Labelling tool, visit

Photo by Tommi Bergman / CC BY-NC-SA