Promoting walking and cycling through urban planning

By Kalle Vaismaa / Updated: 16 Apr 2015

The Transport Research Centre Verne at Finland's Tampere University of Technology has gathered new information about the promotion of walking and cycling in cities and published an inspiring and illustrative book for urban planners and decision-makers. 

The book, Vitality from Walking and Cycling, is divided into two parts. Part one describes the effects of improved pedestrian conditions on business life, city centre transport systems that promote walking and the principles of pedestrian-traffic planning. 

Part two includes chapters on the potential of bicycle commuting based on geographical information, an extensive photo album that displays best solutions for cycling infrastructure and the best practices on how to maintain bicycle paths in winter. 

The book can be purchased in print, or a pdf version can be downloaded below for free.

Vitality from Walking and Cycling
October 2014