Policy Brief on Urban Mobility Adaptation to Climate Change

By fabiotomasi / Updated: 20 Jan 2023
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'Urban Mobility Adaptation to Climate Change' is the topic of the fourth Policy Brief issued by the Urban Transports Community.

This policy brief describes the main impacts of climate change on urban mobility and suggests possible solutions to minimise its impacts. It aims to raise awareness among policymakers and provide urban planners with an overview of what will be the impact of climate change on Mediterranean cities with a particular focus on mobility issues.

So far, the focus on the transport sector had to do mostly with decarbonising it and making mobility more sustainable. Even though climate change mitigation is generally seen as the priority strategy for preventing or at least minimising the impact of climate change, we must nevertheless be aware that its effects are already impacting our everyday life. Consequently, urban planners should be aware of this evolution and include adaptation measures in their mobility plans.

Furthermore, transport infrastructures will be exposed, in the next decades, to an increasing number of new challenges from climate impacts, which are only partly already visible. Planning today for the construction of new and the management of existing infrastructures will require the consideration of new environmental, climatic and socio-economic parameters and conditions with respect to those used in the past.

The work is based on a review of existing literature on the topic and on the feedback provided by experts in different fields: mobility planning, urban planning, climate change, economics and environmental health. The experts were interviewed and, in a later stage, they took part in a series of workshops organised by the Urban Transport project. They thus had the opportunity to interact, share their knowledge and explore the issue of urban mobility adapting to climate change from different perspectives.

Download the policy brief here.

December 2022