Podcast - Mobility planning at the neighbourhood level

By Hannah Figg / Updated: 06 Jan 2022

The latest 'Mobility Planet' podcast episode by Rupprecht Consult discusses sustainable mobility and planning at the neighbourhood level.

Mobility planning should make it easier for us to move through cities, to pursue our daily activities and to reach our destinations safely, swiftly and affordably but it’s a large and complex task and city administrations aren’t always aware of the needs of individual neighbourhoods. So when residents need wider sidewalks, safe bicycle parking or closer bus stops, how do we make sure their voices are heard? 

Bringing together the two very different scales – the city-wide level needed for integrated planning and the people-oriented on-the-ground neighbourhood level – is a tricky balance of communication, trust and expectation management. 

The European SUNRISE project has been working on this issue for the past four years – on the ground and in close collaboration with residents of six different cities – accompanying their co-creation planning processes. 

In this podcast episode, Bonnie Fenton (Rupprecht Consult) talks with Ralf Brand (Rupprecht Consult) and Michael Koucky from Koucky & Partners, both people-focussed mobility planners who spent a lot of time looking at neighbourhoods in the SUNRISE project.

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