Planning sustainable urban logistics

By stefan.guerra / Updated: 09 Feb 2018

The Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan (SULP) Guidelines are a policy support tool that is aimed at the large number of small and medium-sized cities in Europe who may not have the resource for major policy assessment and modelling work for sustainable city logistics.

The SULP methodology is related to a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, which takes on and develops the city logistics elements.

Its main elements comprehend a participatory approach and the political level involvement. It adopts a bottom-up approach, starting from users' needs, operators'/associations' requirements and towns' objectives.

This methodology was used (and tested) by the nine ENCLOSE towns for developing their local SULPs and is now available for a possible adoption by other European cities, willing to address urban freight related issues in the framework of the overall urban mobility planning.

Guidelines for developing and implementing a sustainable urban logistics plan.
February 2016