Organising sustainable events

By News Editor / Updated: 04 Aug 2015

Over the last 30 years large events have become more and more popular and widespread leisure destinations. Large summer music festivals, exhibitions, mass cultural events and sports games attract sometimes several tens of thousands of visitors, sometimes on one day or even one evening. Very often, the locations where these events take place are not designed to accommodate large numbers of visitors. Therefore, these events generally have an important impact on the environment in which they take place, and on the environment as a whole.

The EU LIFE programme's SMASH-EVENTS project aimed to develop a standard for integrated environmental management for these large events. More particularly, it tended to add the aspect of mobility management to already existing practices in reducing the environmental impact of large events. As part of its work it produced a checklist for event organisers, showing how easy it is to develop environmentally friendly mobility for different events.

Please see below to download the checklist. For more information, visit the SMASH-EVENTS website.

Photo by City of Ljubljana / CC BY

Checklist - Mobility Management
December 2003