NODES interchange benchmark tool

By News Editor / Updated: 12 Apr 2016
The NODES project, a European project which focused on the efficient integration of public transport services, has created an open-access benchmark tool that allows policymakers and managers of station interchanges to assess the overall performance and different aspects of interchanges.
NODES designed tools to support European cities in the design and operation of new or upgraded interchanges, as a way to provide greater support, services and satisfaction to the travelers and users, as well as to interchange operators and those societal and economic parties that depend on the efficiency of interchange operations.
The result of benchmark tool is an overview of how the respective interchange scores on both customer-oriented and general interchange performance. The benchmark tool then allows users to select the most relevant NODES tool to help improve their interchange.
Users must follow and quick and easy registration process to use the NODES benchmark tool
September 2015