NISTO Evaluation Toolkit User Guide

By News Editor / Updated: 20 Oct 2016

The NISTO toolkit has been designed for transport planners, local and regional authorities, researchers and non-governmental organisations who want to appraise different options to solve a mobility-related problem in the urban or regional context.

It is particularly suited for the early assessment of alternatives when detailed data is not yet available about the impacts of the interventions. The NISTO evaluation toolkit can be used to evaluate small-scale mobility projects for sustainability and stakeholder preferences and monitor policy targets.

The evaluation tools provide a ranking of the alternative solutions based on a set of sustainability criteria and stakeholders’ preferences. These rankings can guide decision-makers when taking a decision for one of the options.

The tools therefore do not take over the responsibility of taking the decision itself. The rankings suggested are not ultimate, since considerations that are not covered by this toolkit (e.g. politics, duration of the implementation, synergies with other projects or plans) may also be relevant for the decision-makers.

The NISTO tool kit comprises several tools. It is recommended to start with the toolkit user guide, available below.

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NISTO Evaluation Toolkit User Guide
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