NISTO Bike PRINT - tracking and analysing cyclist data

By News Editor / Updated: 20 Oct 2016

Cycling policies and measures are a powerful instruments for enhancing sustainable urban mobility. Bike PRINT is an innovative tool that contributes to better understanding cycling in order to improve bike infrastructure, cyclist safety, policy development, communication and more cohesion between local governments and cyclists. This will lead to a modal shift from cars to bikes and sustainable infrastructure.

Bike PRINT translate the GPS data of cyclists into policy-relevant information and gives users a detailed picture of up-to-date bicycle use, network quality and potential bicycle accessibility. Furthermore, effects of concrete measures can be predicted with Bike PRINT. Bike PRINT delivers the following policy-relevant information per area:

  • Real bicycle speeds: section speeds including waiting times, and relative speed (bottlenecks)
  • A picture of bicycle traffic movements at various moments of the week and during the day
  • The various routes of all cyclists that make use of a specific stretch of road (selected link)
  • The detour factor between the actual route compared with straight-line distance and compared with the shortest route.
  • Isochrones for travel time, the actual distance to be covered from a certain area within a certain period of time
  • Travel times, traffic volumes and choice of travel modes over a day (hour), over a week (per week day) and per distance category
  • Potential bicycle accessibility between residential areas and working areas
  • Number of potential new cyclists as a result of changes in bicycle infrastructure

Bike PRINT was used for the Netherlands' national cycling monitoring week.

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