New Intermodalyzer Benchmark created by the project SUMBA

By michalbrennek / Updated: 20 Aug 2020

The urban transport system can be reshaped to an intermodal network that offers a combination of various transport modes. This helps cities to achieve a more attractive and environmentally friendly commuting system.

How is your city positioned in the intermodality issues? How well are the new and emerging mobility concepts used to enhance the transport system? Is the political and law system in your city supportive? Which cities are better in creating more sustainable transport thanks to intermodality and more important where to observe good practice?

SUMBA has developed and tested a tool called Intermodalyzer that helps urban and transport planners to assess, plan, and integrate intermodal mobility solutions into transport plans and policies of their cities and municipalities.

Intermodalyzer is a benchmark helping cities to see how they are positioned in the intermodality issues and which cities may have better addressed certain issues. It will enable cities and metropolitan regions to evaluate their transport systems with regard to intermodality and identify the potential for improvement including good practice sources.

The tool is free to download and use, plus during the duration of the project SUMBA, the expert team is able to provide free advice on benchmarking your city with Intermodalyzer.

August 2020