Metamorphosis - Fact Sheets

By Anna Solderer / Updated: 24 Jun 2020

Metamorphosis is initiating activities for child-friendly public spaces all over Europe. due to the strong presence of motorised traffic in cities, safe urban spaces for children are rare to find.

Sustainable mobility helps contribute to a child-friendlier and healthier urban environments on a human scale and biking or walking activities are also supported. The implementation of the project and all activities are organised by Metamorphosis project partners in Graz, Munich, Merano, Tilburg, Alba Iulia, Zurich and Southampton, and project teams also engage with the local communities. Over the last three years, more than 60 different measures and creative activities have been devised and implemented, among them were; bicycle lessons, temporary street openings, urban gardening, living labs, mobility share points, bike repair workshops and pedestrian games.

All measures were evaluated and catalogued in fact sheets sorted by cities and activity fields and are available on the Metamorphosis website. Fact sheets provide a broad project description and also also provide information about human or financial resources that could be required to implement the scheme(s). The fact sheets are a helpful guide for those who may wish to replicate measures as they provide a critical evaluation, useful recommendations and the contact details for further information. That is one way how the positive aspects and acquired knowledge of Metamorphosis will last and may spread in other cities.

June 2020