Marketing sustainable mobility

By News Editor / Updated: 10 Oct 2017

Successful sustainable mobility measures can only come about through reaching the people for whom they are designed. Communicating directly and indirectly with users also helps to demonstrate transparency and a willingness to engage and involve citizens and stakeholders in a dialogue about services which are important to them.

The CIVITAS Initiative has produced a toolkit designed to help local, regional and national authorities with this very issue. It contains materials for the development of a strategic communications plan, the organisation of events, and the development and dissemination of printed and online media materials. It also provides advice on reaching consumers through branding and promotional products.

Related SUMP theme:

Participatory approach: this toolkit supports communication and outreach to relevant stakeholders. This is of particular relevance of setting up and implementing a participatory approach.

“Participatory approach” is described as (EC, COM (2013) 913 final) follows. “ A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan follows a transparent and participatory approach. The Local Planning Authority should involve the relevant actors - citizens, as well as representatives of civil society and economic actors – in developing and implementing the plan from the outset and throughout the process to ensure a high level of acceptance and support.”

See below to download the toolkit.

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CIVITAS Toolkit on Effective Communications and Marketing
June 2011