Key performance indicators for traffic management and ITS

By News Editor / Updated: 31 Jul 2015

Cities today face many common transport problems and implement similar urban traffic management solutions, with Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) playing a prominent role. However, it is very difficult for a city to objectively assess the effects of specific policies and technologies and to make use of lessons learnt from other cities without a set of widely accepted performance measures and methodologies.

The CONDUITS report identifies the needs set out by a number of European city transport authorities through a focus group, and describes the development methodology. This includes the issues of goals and objectives, dimensions, selection criteria, data requirements and measurement tools.

A new framework is then defined and considerations of its scope and applicability are made. Four strategic themes of urban traffic management and ITS are tackled: traffic efficiency; traffic safety; pollution reduction; and social inclusion and land-use.

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Photo by Highways Agency / CC BY

Key Performance Indicators
June 2011