GO SUMP Replication manual

By Matilde Chinellato / Updated: 20 Nov 2019

This replication manual is developed by GO SUMP for the Interreg Med Urban Transport Community. It is inspired by similar publications developed in the framework of other EU-funded projects which had a strong focus on replication, including for example Sharing Cities, Cascade or Guidance.

As defined by the Interreg Med glossary, is the activity of ‘duplicating, copying, reproducing or repeating’ what has been successfully introduced in other or programmes in another territory.
The purpose of this manual is therefore to provide effective methodologies, inspiring examples and useful references to support this process.
Based on the principles of ‘peer-to-peer exchange’ and ‘learning by doing’, the GO SUMP replication manual is designed as a practical tool for practitioners that have the ambition to transfer innovative low-carbon transport measures and strategies to other cities and regions in the Mediterranean area.
The mission of GO SUMP is to accelerate the take-up of sustainable urban mobility plans or SUMPs1. Users of this manual are therefore encouraged to move beyond replication of single measures and technologies, such as introducing electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, developing multimodal journey planners or setting up of public bicycle schemes. Instead, they should also consider how these can be embedded within a longterm vision and strategy on sustainable urban mobility, and designed bottom-up in consultation with citizens, NGOS, companies and stakeholder organisations.
GO SUMP replication manual
November 2019