EIB technical note 'ITS procurement for urban mobility'

By Conall Martin / Updated: 07 Sep 2021

The purpose of the technical note on 'ITS procurement for urban mobility' is to support the European Investment Bank (EIB) at large and its technical advisory services (including JASPERS) in assisting local authorities with procuring intelligent transport systems (ITS). The note also aims to assist local authorities in overcoming the difficulties that often arise from ITS implementation.

These difficulties can arise in a number of ways, including:

  • lack of a strategic context in which the purpose of the ITS system is defined;
  • lack of interoperability and modularity leading to vendor lock-in;
  • technical problems during implementation causing delays and higher costs for the procuring body;
  • poorly performing systems with little means for redress;
  • limitations on the reuse of ITS data for other purposes.

The general lack of knowledge about ITS and how to properly specify them in public procurement processes are often important contributory factors.

This technical note aims to build up the capacity of local authorities to procure ITS in a more efficient and effective manner. As such, it provides detailed insights into ITS procurement practices and principles, as well as putting forward a series of practical recommendations.

The technical note also aims to help local authorities to specify requests for EIB technical advisory services (including JASPERS) and to seek financial support for the implementation of appropriate investments.

EIB technical note ITS procurement for urban mobility
August 2021