Developing streets for play

By News Editor / Updated: 30 Jul 2015

Fewer and fewer children now play on the streets outside their houses, partly due to increased traffic. As many communities lack safe areas for children to play, run and cycle, this is having a negative impact on children's ability to make and maintain social contact and limits their opportunity to exercise.

The BAMBINI project has developed guidance for planning so-called 'home zones' and 'playing streets'. Home zones are residential areas specifically designed for pedestrians and which discourage the use of cars through strict limitations on speeds and parking. Playing streets can be defined as low-speed or car-free streets where it is safe for children to play. BAMBINI has produced a short, concise toolkit to get mobility decision-makers and practitioners started regarding these concepts.

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Photo by Verkéiersverbond / CC BY

Home Zones and Playing Streets Toolkit
March 2010