CIVITAS guide for the urban transport professional

By maesmis / Updated: 30 Jul 2015

For city authority mobility professionals, this CIVITAS handbook provides numerous examples of successful mobility measures that, embedded in urban mobility policies, add substance to the transition towards cleaner and better urban transport.

The handbook analyses the impacts and processes from a selection of urban transport measures taken from a database of over 730 measures that have been developed and implemented over the 10 year of the CIVITAS Initiative.

In Chapter 2, the handbook begins by addressing five mobility challenges concerning health, congestion, safety and security, participation and strategic planning. Chapter 3, meanwhile, reflects the CIVITAS thematic group and offers practical solutions from cities that have implemented associated measures.

Based on the results of the CIVITAS process evaluation, Chapter 4 provides details on the ingredients of a mobility scheme’s success, such as quality, relevance, inclusive management, integrated approach, finance, and public and political support.

Chapter 5 then offers information on the transferability of mobility schemes in a more scientific way and illustrates practical transfer cases within CIVITAS and, finally, Chapter 6 describes the lessons learned based on the wealth of knowledge and experience possessed by people involved in the planning and implementation of measures.

Please see below to download the handbook. For more information on the CIVITAS initiative, visit the CIVITAS website.

CIVITAS Guide for the Urban Transport Professional
November 2012