CIVITAS FastTrack - Traffic and Demand Management FactSheet

By Anna Westervelt / Updated: 24 Aug 2023

Too often our cities and towns are built to be most conveniently navigable by private car, leading to traffic congestion and a number of knock-on negative impacts on air quality and wellbeing. In order to secure more sustainable mobility systems, we must manage traffic in such a way that leaves space for other modes of transport as well.

FastTrack cities explored innovative ways of managing multi-modal traffic, through the implementation of traffic management centres, MaaS (mobility-as-a-service) systems which will enhance the use of the sustainable transport modes, as well as integrated databases including all the data needed for the sustainable mobility planning which will divert and reduce car traffic in cities.

CIVITAS FastTrack has helped cities accelerate the roll-out of sustainable mobility innovations through knowledge-exchange and capacity building.

This Factsheet explores how traffic and demand management is impacted by stakeholder engagement, data collection, business models and governance.

CIVITAS FastTrack - Traffic and Demand Management FactSheet
August 2023