CIVITAS FastTrack - Governance, Participation, Cooperation, and Co-creation FactSheet

By Anna Westervelt / Updated: 24 Aug 2023

New mobility innovations will not be successful in the long-run without the buy-in of local communities. New governance arrangements that foreground participation and cooperation are needed to ensure that mobility and transport systems are transformed as soon as possible, and in a sustainable and long-lasting manner. That is why FastTrack set out to support cities to explore governance and participation arrangements that bring all stakeholders together in the speedy implementation of new mobility innovations. Furthermore, cities explored new governance schemes that are innovations in and of themselves.

CIVITAS FastTrack has helped cities accelerate the roll-out of sustainable mobility innovations through knowledge-exchange and capacity building. It supports participating cities in considering how mobility innovations is impacted by participatory processes, and how the role of governance can speed-up the uptake of innovations.

FastTrack cities has identified four topics of particular interest when considering the relationship between mobility innovations and governance and cooperation:

  1. Engaging public and private stakeholders
  2. Engaging end-users
  3. Strategic partnerships
  4. Integrating engagement into local structures

Cities developed their capacity in these domains through knowledge-exchange and expert inputs.

CIVITAS FastTrack - Governance, Participation, Cooperation, and Co-creation FactSheet
August 2023