CIVITAS FastTrack - Funding, Financing & Business Models FactSheet

By Anna Westervelt / Updated: 24 Aug 2023

To swiftly roll out sustainable mobility innovations, cities need appropriate funding. Without a clear approach to the funding, financing and business models behind mobility innovations, even the most ambitious and boundary-pushing local authorities will struggle with implementation. In addition, new funding mechanisms, financing schemes, and business models can themselves be innovations with far-reaching potential and impact. FastTrack, therefore, supported participating cities in finding the right funding, financing and business models to make their sustainable mobility futures a reality.

CIVITAS FastTrack has helped cities accelerate the roll-out of sustainable mobility innovations through knowledge-exchange and capacity building. It supports participating cities in considering how mobility innovations require sufficient funding schemes, and how this can speed-up the uptake of innovations.

FastTrack cities has identified three topics of particular interest when considering the relationship between mobility innovations and financing:

  1. Combining funding sources
  2. Generating revenue
  3. Public-private partnerships

Cities developed their capacity in these domains through knowledge-exchange and expert inputs.

CIVITAS FastTrack - Funding, Financing & Business Models FactSheet
August 2023