Catalogue on good practice solutions for parking management

By Robert Pressl / Updated: 26 Nov 2015

A catalogue of 24 best practice solutions on parking management has been produced by the Push&Pull project.

It contains national and city solutions on parking standards (such as in Zürich, Utrecht, Vienna, Krakow, Gent and Ljubljana), and site level solutions such as the Nottingham Workplace Levy, the technical university in Graz, the Sihlcity approach for shopping centres, and hospital parking managment in Freiburg.

Additionally one can read strategies of cities like Maastricht, Lyon, Barcelona, Torino or Amsterdam on their activities regarding parking and land-use. You can download the whole catalogue of 24 case studies (on over more than 130 pages) below. 

Push&Pull Catalogue on Case Studies on Parking Management Solutions
May 2015