TITOS - Multimodal and multimedia Public Transport and mobility information services - Turin

By News Editor / Updated: 17 Aug 2020

TITOS infosystem is based upon 5T system on integration of Intelligent Transport System technologies and products in the area of Urban Traffic Control, Public Transport Management, Environment Monitoring, Parking Control and Management, Collective Route Guidance and Traveller Information.

Turin, located in North-West Italy is the fourth urban area in Italy with 1.5 million inhabitants.The city of Turin started in 1992 a large-scale project in mobility telematics named 5T (Telematic Technologies for Transports and Traffic in Turin), initially developed by a consortium with the aim of addressing city mobility management problems through the implementation and operation of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) applications.The 5T Project was designed to integrate the control capabilities offered by the traffic-responsive subsystems and the reactions of the citizens to traffic and pollution conditions in an environment of on-line information availability. The project consists of the implementation of different systems applied to manage the traffic, transport and environmental state of the city. Its structure of 7 interconnected and co-operating subsystems (Urban Traffic Control, Public Transport Management, Environment Monitoring, Parking Control and Management, Collective Route Guidance, TITOS Public Information) works in an integrated way and is co-ordinated by the Town Supervisor subsystem. All subsystems can also function fully independently.The project was tested during a two years experimental phase which ended in 1997, and then maintained in 1998-1999 at the functional levels reached during experimentation.>In the same period the process of the transformation of the 5T Consortium into a new company in charge of all developments of transport telematics in Turin has been accomplished.TITOS provides broadcast services, on-demand information services (answering to single requests) and on-event services (the information is automatically provided to the user when specific customised criteria are satisfied) about real time data on private and public transport through the Internet and mobile phone.Main information services of TITOS include:

  • Multimodal trip planning
  • Car park space availability
  • Alert information on car park space availability
  • Static and dynamic public transport time table
  • Mobility warnings on selected routes of the private transport network
  • Mobility warnings on selected routes of the public transport network

With the 5T system operating, the average journey times of private traffic as well as those of public transport were reduced by 20. The interviewed panel also perceived an improvement with regard to public transport. When panel members were asked about the information provided by 5T, their replies were positive, particularly for the information on public transport waiting times given at stops. They were in favour of extending the coverage of the information system to other parts of the urban area.

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