Korkonet - the first website offering real-time CCTV scans of traffic in Poland

By News Editor / Updated: 17 Aug 2020

Korkonet (eng. bottleneck-net) - providing information on road traffic conditions on main arterials of the capital city of Warsaw by real-time CCTV scans of traffic in selected points.

Korkonet was first established in 1999 and at the beginning was limited to presenting on the web real-time CCTV scans of traffic in selected points in Warsaw.In April 2002 Korkonet was supplemented with Infokorek service offering information on traffic conditions on selected routes on request through mobile phones (SMS). Korkonet/Inforkorek is an entirely private sector business project.Travel and traffic information is provided 2 ways:Free service on the website www.korkonet.pl - Digital cameras are located in points which are representative for the assessment of traffic conditions. Data from cameras are transmitted to the web-page. On the main page there is a map with schematic plan of Warsaw streets with marked position and direction of cameras. So far there are 21 cameras installed. Each view is refreshed every minute. Besides the view from the camera there is a small advert of the institution, which finances this particular device. Links to public roads and public transport information, maps of the city, information on situation on border crossings, information about location of automatic speed controls and ticket controls in city public transport are provided.On-demand paid service through mobile phones (SMS) - This service (Inforkorek - eng. Information about bottlenecks) is offered on website accessible directly from Korkonet webpage. Via this service the user can obtain information on traffic conditions on selected routes using GSM mobile phone>Information on traffic conditions (bottlenecks, closures, deviations) are collected from selected taxi companies, messenger/courier companies etc. on the basis of agreements with E-monitoring company.Revenues are coming from advertisements on webpages and from GSMoperators participating in providing information through mobile phones.At present is seems to be the most advanced project of this category in Poland. Korkonet and Infokorek sites are well designed and approached by a growing number of clients.The system is still in the development phase and it is not financially self-sustaining yet. Financial success will largely depend on the Infokorek part, which started operation in 2002.It seems that the system can be transferred if the business model and co-operation with the city is successful. If the SMS system takes off just based on Korkonet data, then the system might be able to survive in some form stand-alone, probably with limited investment possibilities. In the long-term development prospects are perhaps linked to the city and to whether the city decides to utilise Korkonet as one outlet for data coming on-line through its planned telematics systems or whether the city will exclude Korkonet from this data and will chase it out of the market with alternative free sources.
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Miroslav Pleva
01 Jan 1971
17 Aug 2020