Denmark. School crossing guard

By News Editor / Updated: 17 Aug 2020
The idea with school crossing guards is to ensure that the trip to and from school is made as safe as possible. The school crossing guard system consists of 6th graders and up (12 years old and older) who take responsibility for fellow students' safety across the main road-ways which students have to cross in order to reach their school. The program is geared towards ensuring students' safety as much as possible, by establishing a technical traffic system which permits school crossing guards to see if students use the system correctly. The initiative to establish such a system can stem from either the local police or schools themselves.Traffic conditions vary from school to school and, therefor, a general set of rules and measures cannot be established. However it is accepted that school crossing guards are responsible only for school-mates, and that school crossing guards must never attempt to interfere with general traffic>Every school should have a crossing guard instructor (teacher), who works in a close relationship with the police to instruct other crossing guards on their daily duties. Furthermore, the crossing guard instructor must supervise their daily routine. Before a student is admitted as a crossing guard, he or she must have the parents' permission. Then the candidate has to be supervised by the local police in co-operation with the crossing guard instructor. When the training is done, a diploma is presented which certifies that the police has qualified the student as a member of the crossing guard patrol.
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01 Jan 1971
17 Aug 2020