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By adham / Updated: 13 Aug 2020
Bikes at the square

The Bike2Work campaign - “Kręć kilometry dla Gdańska” was launched by the City of Gdansk to encourage people to regularly bike to work. This case study has been created as a part of the cities.multimodal project.

The objective of the campaign was to motivate and involve as many adult residents, companies, and students and collect the statistics the participants generated. The campaign was implemented with the support of a mobile app, Activy.

Activy was used for tracking and measuring the number of campaign participants, distances, CO2 emissions saved and the frequency of journeys. Any person woking for an employer in Gdansk could participate in the campaign, students and employees of the universities of Gdansk were also welcomed to participate.

In action 

The campaign target group was reached through the Active Mobility Unit’s social media and website.

A discussion group on Facebook was created for people interested in sharing their campaign experiences. Posters, reflective bands, flyers, promotional stands in the main routes, radio spots, and press releases were also used for raising awareness and promoting the campaign. In order to participate in the campaign, the participants needed to download the Activy application and create an account. The Activy application kept track of participant's movements whenever they were commuting by bike from their home to their workplace or school and vice versa. The Activy application is based on a geo-tracking system that measured the bike trips’ speed, distance, duration, and whether it was a commute or another kind of ride. For every commute back and forth the participants received points that could be converted into different prizes, depending on the number of points they earned.


In total over 4100 people took part in the campaign. The outcome of the campaign was recorded through data from the Activy application and the campaign website. The results of the campaign are used for planning future campaigns. After the campaign ended the participants were informed of the results and information gathered using social media, the Facebook discussion group, and e-mail.

In Depth 

This case study was created as a part of the cities.multimodal project and based on a report by: Anna Klinkosz Project Manager Active Mobility Unit, City of Gdansk.

Mobility management
Public and stakeholder involvement
Walking and cycling
Eastern Europe
Mobility management; Bike2Work; cycling; commuting; cycling challenge; company travel plans; Clean urban mobility; Citizens involvement
04 Jun 2020
13 Aug 2020