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By Isobel Duxfield / Updated: 20 Mar 2023
By BAXCOamc / Updated: 20 Mar 2023
By Hannah Figg / Updated: 22 Mar 2023
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Call for Expression of Interest for cities to join the Intelligent Cities Challenge network

The Intelligent Cities Challenge is a European Commission initiative supporting European cities towards the green and digital transition of their local economies, through Local Green Deals. The call for Expression of Interest will close on 28 April 2023.

By Hannah Figg / Updated: 15 Mar 2023
By BAXCOamc / Updated: 10 Mar 2023

Knowledge Translation for road safety innovation - SAFE-UP workshop summary

At the SAFE-UP project's 5th General Assembly, Dr. Marilee Nugent of UniFI led a workshop on Knowledge Translation for Road Safety Innovation with special guest speaker Dr. Tamika Heiden, the principal and founder of Research Impact Academy, in Australia.

By BAXCOamc / Updated: 09 Mar 2023
By Carla Giaume / Updated: 08 Mar 2023