Quality, audits and benchmarking

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Pursuing a quality management approach is not only necessary, but will help cities develop and implement better transport policies.

Good transport planning is informed by reference to good practice elsewhere. Auditing and benchmarking help cities compare their plans and performance against that of others - not in a spirit of competition, but rather one of continuous improvement.

Por Maria Guilarte / Atualizado: 23 Sep 2016

A new book published about Mobility Management and Integrated Transport Policies from PhD Thesis in Brazil


Book´s name
¨Gerenciamento da Mobilidade e Política Integrada dos Transportes
Pesquisa de resultados com sucesso no mundo, contribuindo com uma metodologia proposta para o Brasil e América Latina¨

Printed by Novas Edições Acadêmicas (2016-08-08), Germany

Project Book: ISBN-13: 978-3-8417-2145-7

Language: PT from Brazil

Research vision and contribution for all transport and sustainable mobility community:

Por José María Diez / Atualizado: 29 Mar 2016
Por Merle / Atualizado: 08 Mar 2016

Bristol, Europe’s Green Capital in 2015, unveils city toolkit


In 2015, the city of Bristol has been Europe’s Green Capital. This was also an outcome of 40 years of environmental efforts with great progress in many areas. Now, Bristol is willing to help other cities around the world to “go green” by sharing its experience and knowledge about sustainability at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21). The city is doing this through a free online toolkit called The Bristol Method (https://www.bristol2015.co.uk/method/) which documents everything Bristol has learnt from its year as European Green Capital so other cities can benefit.

Por News Editor / Atualizado: 20 Aug 2015

Projeto QUEST: Identificar outras medidas do PMUS em Murska Sobota (Eslovénia)

Em 2013, Murska Sobota decidiu que tinha de reavaliar os seus planos e políticas de mobilidade sustentáveis pois o processo de mobilidade sustentável na cidade tinha recentemente desacelerado.

A Universidade de Maribor prestou assistência à cidade eslovena no processo e desenvolveu um novo plano de ação com a ajuda de uma ferramenta de gestão da qualidade desenvolvida por um projeto da UE denominado QUEST.