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  1. Event
    08 December 2010

    PRESTO 3rd on-site training

    2117 reads Language English English PRESTO transfers the best European know-how and focuses on 3 thematic pillars, which play a crucial role to foster cycling: infrastructure planning; promotional soft...

  2. Event
    24 January 2011

    International Seminar on Flexible Transport

    1969 reads Language English English The Seminar aims in providing a better understanding on Flexible Transport, create a know-how and a culture (both among planners and operators) concerning this subject...

  3. Event
    09 December 2010

    EU Passengers Rights

    2197 reads Language English Strengthening The Role Of Transport Users English Significant legislative instruments have been adopted at EU level in recent years aiming to ensure that passengers benefit from...

  4. Event
    09 December 2010


    2091 reads Language English Creating ch2allenges The following topics will be discussed: Economical and ecological H2 challenges for Rotterdam, Hydrogen Chains and potentials for Rotterdam Hydrogen...

  5. Event
    15 March 2011

    Festival CinéRail 2011

    2056 reads Language English International Festival Trains on Film CinéRail\'s 18th edition will feature several main rendez-vous to present film buffs and railway enthusiasts with works made possible...

  6. Event
    08 April 2011

    AENEAS Final Conference

    1473 reads Language English Green Mobility for Active Ageing English The final AENEAS conference will highlight the challenges of demographic change, illustrate how the proposed activities fit into advanced...

  7. Event
    29 March 2011

    Traffex 2011

    984 reads Language English English Traffex 2011, the International meeting place for anyone involved in traffic management, road safety, highway infrastructure and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Now...

  8. Event
    25 January 2011

    Time for greener moving

    2056 reads Language English In-Time goes public English Increased traffic in Europe’s cities has resulted in chronic congestion, causing delays and pollution. There is currently a real need for cities to...

  9. Event
    16 October 2011

    18th ITS World Congress

    once every three years. This event is co-sponsored by ITS America, ITS Japan, and ERTICO-ITS Europe. ...

  10. Event
    26 September 2011

    Symposium The psychology of sustainable mobility

    (e.g. E-mobility) Target group approaches (e.g. transport policy packaging, life events). Following the ...