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Por Admin Eltis / Atualizado: 28 May 2019

Definition – Assessmentinfo-icon refers to the act of judging the value, quality or importance of something.

Relevance to SUMP – The term assessment is used in different contexts in relation to mobilityinfo-icon planning.

Impact assessment refers to judging a project’s performance (see also measureinfo-icon) against pre-established milestones and required outputs. It involves a formal, evidence-based procedure for judging the economic, social and environmental effects of public policyinfo-icon at the evaluationinfo-icon (ex-post) stage.

Assessment also refers to the process through which an organisation reviews its planning practices, strengths and weaknesses early in the process, in order to gauge its potential to prepare a SUMP. This should also include a review of how the process should be adapted to the local context.

A SUMP Self-Assessment Scheme has been established to enable local authorities to assess the compliance of their mobility planning process with the SUMP concept and guidelines.

See also auditinfo-icon and certificationinfo-icon.

Source: KonSULT (online)

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