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Malta has recently published its National Transport Strategy 2050 and Transport Master Plan 2025.  Due to the size of the country and the level of urbanisation, this master plan has the form of a hybrid national transport plan and sustainable national urban mobility plan. It also sets the framework for regional or local mobility plans that are expected to be developed in the coming years.

The Transport Master Plan prioritises active mobility, but also takes public transport, ferries and freight transport into account. Since Malta is a tourist destination, apart from resident commuters, it considers the mobility needs for infrequent users such as tourists.

The Transport Master Plan is the first 10-year plan of an expected series of Transport Master Plans that will strive to achieve the goals established in the National Transport Strategy for 2050.

More information is available on the Transport Malta website.

Efforts to encourage local councils to be more active in adopting sustainable urban mobility measures competition linked to EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK.  Each year, the award highlights a different aspect of mobility planning.

The 2013 award recognised successful territorial and policy integration, while the 2014 edition looked at monitoring implementation with an eye to making improvements. The 2015 edition focused on providing for multimodality and intermodality in sustainable urban mobility planning.  The 2016 edition is recognising smart planning and use of mobility.

A number of actions plans have been published over the years which have focused on specific sectors (e.g. ITMS, speed management, road safety, electomobility, public transport, taxi services) within the framework established in the Transport Master Plan.

Transport Malta is the transport regulator in Malta and is responsible for the overall transport strategy across all sectors of internal transport, namely active, road ferry transport as well as external transport links by sea and air.


Transport Malta is the transport regulator while the Planning Authority is responsible for land-use planning. Regulatory frameworks for urban transport planning are split between these two authorities. Action plans and policy documents related to transport planning can be viewed at:

Guidelines on regional or local urban mobility planning in Malta are being developed.