Youth on the Move

By Conall Martin / Updated: 12 Jul 2021
Thursday 29 July 2021, 11:00 to 12:30
Past event

On 29 July 2021, the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK project will host a workshop, exploring how youth and young adults have been involved in sustainable urban mobility planning to date, and how they can be better involved in the future.

The workshop will bring together youth and young adults aged 16-24, and city staff. The workshop aims to provide them with an opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge regarding the needs of young people, as well as opportunities for their involvement in urban sustainable mobility planning.

In addition, attendees will have an opportunity to share their views and perspectives on how EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK is planned and organised in their respective cities.

To guarantee a lively discussion, the workshop will be limited to 30 participants.

For further information, and to register for the event, visit the following website:

EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK |  Workshop: Youth on the move