Workshop: Transport and disaster risk management

By jtejada31 / Updated: 23 Feb 2017
Wednesday 14 June 2017 at 09:30
Friday 16 June 2017 at 13:00
United Kingdom
Language: English
Past event

The longer a transport system remains disrupted during and after a shock, the more severe economic losses will be for community/region.

Climate changes taking place, in the form of more natural disasters occurring, have the ability of severely disrupting transport services and/or damaging the infrastructure thus limiting mobility or bringing it to a standstill in time of dire need.

Thus an efficient transportation system can play an important role towards making the community resilient.Transportation networks also serve as the primary conduit for rescue, recovery, and reconstruction in disasters.

This two-and-a-half-day workshop provides a unique opportunity to learn from the practical experience of a consultant in the field of Transport and Disaster Risk Management (T-DRM).

The course stresses the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach in T-DRM. It also points out the relevance of multi-stakeholders’ engagement for successful mobility planning, design and management.