Webinar: COVID-19 SUMP guidance – have your say!

By Fiona Twisse / Updated: 18 Jun 2020
Thursday 18 June 2020, 14:00 to 15:00
Language: English
Contact: Ivo Cré
Past event

The COVID-19 crisis is causing cities and regions to adapt urban mobility measures at a rate and scale never seen before. Major challenges and opportunities exist for urban mobility in the coming months.

In this challenging time, it is vital that guidance and support is provided to local authorities to adapt to new conditions and ensure that sustainable mobility is prioritised in the recovery from COVID-19. For this reason, CIVITAS-SATELLITE and SUMPPlus are preparing a SUMP practitioners’ briefing on COVID-19, investigating how cities can respond in the coming months to the exit from total or partial lockdown, without forgetting their long-term goals and ambitions for urban mobility.

After a short introduction to the process and document by Hana Peters (Rupprecht Consult), Ivo Cré, Laura Babío and Maria José Rojo (POLIS), an interactive discussion will collect feedback to make the guidance truly relevant for urban mobility stakeholders. Organisers wish to invite interested stakeholders to feed into the development of the SUMP practitioners' briefing on COVID-19 to ensure that this guidance provides suitable information and advice for local authorities to adapt sustainable urban mobility post-lockdown.

This is a public webinar. Stakeholders are invited to join this session, learn more about the COVID-19 SUMP Guidance and contribute to the discussion. The document is available to download here  and using the link below. A written consultation process will be online until 24 June 2020.

The webinar takes place on Thursday 18 June at 14:00 - 15:00 CET. Interested participants can register here.

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