Webinar: COP22 and transport

By News Editor / Updated: 12 Dec 2016
Thursday 15 December 2016, 14:30 to 15:45
Online, Europe-wide
Language: English
Past event

COP22 aimed to be the ‘COP of action.’ On one hand, expectations for COP22 Marrakech were relatively low, after the groundbreaking global agreement emerging from COP21 Paris.  On the other hand, the need to translate the political consensus of COP21 into tangible steps toward implementation of the Paris Agreement has never been more urgent.

With the rate of global temperature increase exceeding most climate models, with political shockwaves from the United States threatening to disrupt progress in pre-2020 action on climate change, and with a pressing need for agreement on the rulebook for the Paris Agreement, COP22 had a high bar to clear for producing actionable outcomes.

The transport sector is responding to this call to action, and as a result of efforts over the past years, there was an unprecedented presence of transport at COP22. The sector was able to build bridges to other sectors in Marrakech, which is key to decarbonszing the transport sector.  Detailed information on transport at COP22 can be found in SLoCaT Report on Transport @COP22.

In the webinar, Cornie Huizenga from the SLoCaT Partnership will give an overview of how sustainable transport was reflected in various discussions and activities in Marrakech.  The floor will be then given to Yunus Arikan from ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability and Maria Mendiluce from World Business Council on Sustainable Development to respond on the presentation given by Cornie Huizenga.