Webinar: City for everyone

By Simone Bosetti / Updated: 12 Feb 2016
Monday 22 February 2016, 13:30 to 14:30
Language: English
Past event

How can a city become a more accessible community for all of its citizens, not simply by providing more wheelchair ramps and automatic doors, but actually serving all types of forms of mobility?

Ensuring good accessibility, for example, to elderly and people with disabilities can solve lot of important daily issues for a large number of citizens.

By exploring new approaches to this important issue, a city can effectively improve the mobility for all of its citizens.

Accessibility and social equity are at the centre of this webinar, organised by the CIVITAS project.

Three guest panelists will share their experiences and thoughts on the topic, and introduce new approaches, the latest experiences and best practices that can help any city in evaluating their own accessibility strategy in city planning and urban mobility agenda.