Walk21 Hong Kong Conference

By News Editor / Updated: 04 Jul 2016
Monday 03 October 2016 at 10:00
Friday 07 October 2016 at 17:00
Hong Kong
Language: English
Past event

Walking is an essential component of high-density cities like Hong Kong, where moving many people within limited space is essential and challenging. Hong Kong has a compact built environment packed with skyscrapers and building layers, mixed land use and a 24/7 stream of people and goods along its short network of roads. Its dense skyline and urban morphology are iconic.

With 90 per cent of journeys completed on public transport, the critical first- and last-mile connections are made on foot. Participants in Walk21 HK will directly experience its multi-layered pedestrian networks running through public and private domains, recognise what works and what does not, and take away inspiration from the Hong Kong experience in planning cities for our future.

Walk21 Hong Kong will bring together the policy makers, business leaders, professionals, and community opinion leaders who drive such strategies from different, fast-growing, high-density cities in Asia and all over the world. The conference will promote the recognition of best practices through sharing of experiences, discussion and networking.