Urban Mobility Summit Berlin

By Benjamin Baxter / Updated: 11 Mar 2021
Wednesday 01 September 2021 at 09:30
Thursday 30 September 2021 at 09:30
Berlin, Germany

In Europe, the race to become The MaaS Platform is heating up. We are seeing big tech companies, public transport companies, OEMs and startups furiously building MaaS platforms in the hope of aggregating all the public and private transport services on their platform. However in a field full of competitors, companies operating in Europe need to collaborate in order to build enough scale and expand across borders. Can companies in Europe work together in order to realise the critical mass needed to make MaaS work? 

The Summit brings together corporates, policymakers and startups to explore this overarching theme of building critical mass for MaaS in Europe. This is what the Urban Mobility Summit Berlin is all about, bringing a powerful international community together to build relationships while exploring big-picture ideas in mobility.

The summit will take place in September 2021. An official date will be announced soon.

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